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Understanding how to use Yellow Pencil


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    Miguel started the conversation

    Hi guys,

    I have been playing around with your plugin and I like it a lot, I found it very useful, however I need some help here, last night I edited probably 10 things in my staging website but with the last one I did something wrong, a main part of the site layout was gone and I did not know how to bring it back so I reset settings and that mistake was gone but also the other 9 things that I really liked. 

    Is there a way to be able to reset different edits that you have done? Am I missing something? without an option like that I could not see myself using Yellow Pencil for real customization =( 

    Cheers and happy 2017

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    Zafer replied

    Hey Miguel ,

    First, thank you for your purchase!

    I glad you like it! You can disable properties one by one. Click eye icon to disable the property or right click the selected element and reset all changes for selected element. Please take a look to this page for getting more information about managing styles.

    I'm hope thats help,

    Best Regards