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Style problem


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    Philippe started the conversation


    I have made a change to colors and font weights on the mentioned page. As usual, after saving these changes did not appears until I did F5 to refresh.

    But know, very strange thing to me, is that the site appeard always in the old version (before yellow pencil changes) on any computer, even one that has never looked up the site... And then, when I press F5 it changes! But I have to do that every time any person looks up the site... (if that person doesn't know, she will find a horrible website! What should I do?

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    Zafer replied


    First, thank you for your purchase!

    There are some reasons about this issue;

    1. Maybe your Web Browser cache style files.
    2. Maybe you using a WordPress cache plugin.
    3. Maybe there is a web server based cache system.

    Shortly this issue about cache. Generally, websites be cached for 24 hours or 48 hours. Please take a look at this article for get more information about cache.

    Clear browser cache, and deactivate if you using a cache plugin.

    I hope thats help,

    Best Regards