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    Troy Thomas started the conversation

    I have found a few bugs i believe.

    I did not list a URL because im still working on the site and have not kept the animations im testing.  This can probably be easily reproduced anyway.

    So here is what im finding.  Keep in mind this is using beaver builder which should not really matter given the concept of your tool, but i thought ide inform you on that anyway.

    Bug 1:

    When i create an Animation for a set of pricing tables i get the following code that does indeed work correctly.

    .fl-node-588d1481b8ac5 .pp-pricing-table .pp-pricing-table-col .pp-pricing-table-column{ animation-fill-mode:both; }

    .fl-node-588d1481b8ac5 .pp-pricing-table .pp-pricing-table-col .pp-pricing-table-column.yp_onscreen{ animation-duration:1s; animation-name:fadeInUp; animation-delay:2s; }

    When i use the "Select Just This" feature to select only 1 of the pricing tables i get the following code generated.

    .fl-node-588d1481b8b7d .fl-row-content-wrap .fl-row-content .fl-col-group .fl-col .fl-col-content .fl-module-content .pp-pricing-table-col:nth-child(1) .pp-pricing-table-column.yp_onscreen{ animation-duration:1s; animation-delay:2s; animation-name:fadeInUp; }

    .fl-node-588d1481b8b7d .fl-row-content-wrap .fl-row-content .fl-col-group .fl-col .fl-col-content .fl-module-content .pp-pricing-table-col:nth-child(1) .pp-pricing-table-column{ animation-fill-mode:both; }

    The above code works in the real-time preview as your selecting animations you see them take effect but when you test it out and view the page live, nothing happens.

    Bug 2:

    1. Color Picker is extremely buggy.  More often than not it does not recognize the colors of what your mousing over at all.

    Bug 3:

    When creating an animation for an inline element you get the warning that it needs to be set to a block element in order to work correctly.  Once you set the item to a block element you still see the warning that you need to set it to a block element even though it is.  Seems the warning code does not recognize this has been changed unless you save and refresh.

    Suggestion 1:
    Mobile Device Selector and automatically adjusts the Responsive View to match certain devices similar to how Chromes Developer tools works.

    Suggestion 2: Background Gradients

    Suggestion 3: Live Preview similar to Beaver Builder where the button simply disables the builder keeping you right on that page.  The way beaver builder handles the preview is much faster than reloading the page.

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    Troy Thomas replied

    Further testing on animations i find that A LOT of times they just straight up do not work.  Block Elements without even using the "Select Just This" setting don't play at all on the live page.

    Im going to search for Javascript Conflicts to see if this is the issue and i will post back.

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    Troy Thomas replied

    Ok here is what i think might be happening

    I created an animation for an element and was swapping though various animations testing out which ones i wanted.  I had made a lot of changes to this page.  I saved the page and pulled up the live version and the animations wouldn't play.

    Using Chrome i inspected the item and the animation CSS didn't even show up for that element.

    So i deleted all the css for that page in Yellow Pencil and started over.  THIS time saving the changes and loading the page resulted in the animations working and showing up in the CSS.

    Somewhere in the system CSS gets lost or something and doesn't get rendered because upon inspecting the EXACT same element with the EXACT same selectors the second time i can clearly see the CSS being rendered.

    Now i don't know if this happens when you make a lot of different changes or if its just random but it really needs to be addressed if you can find the cause.

    Also while it would SEEM to be similar to a caching issue it is not, i have no cache running at this time and im refreshing the page without browser cache.

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    Maximus replied

    Well hey ;)

    I hope you don't mind, if I add my list here of my biggest wishes.

    So here are my foundings:

    smaller Bugs:

    - in the Search Window I could not write "_" - I had to copy and paste it from elsewhere

    - The Search doesn't work as well for now, as it should - it doesn't show all, that's not a big problem (only shows when typed from the beginning) but moreover it can't find the sections, only if I type them correctly from beginning. It should search everything and even find "lala.banana." when I just type "ana" or eb.pb_blabla.ifame, when I just type iframe.

    - If caching is enabled (Super Cache), it doesn't save things, especially in the manual editor (external "bug")

    - it doesn't let me choose the Youtube Windows (Iframe) - Workaround is to search for that (but search won't work properly for now)


    - Evtl. make those div select boxes fade away 0,5 - 1 second when hovered away from them, so even if there is an Iframe it could be chosen that way. edit: just found you can select iframe with 1 pixel.. just right at the edge, however it's hard to hit, because you ether open the video or you select the next bigger div.

    - optimize search to find all words even within those div names, classes, selectors etc.

    - check my codecanyon suggestions as well

    - only for later: if you build a builder, let it be possible to build our own wireframe / colums / design at first (allows a layout beforehand without anything in it / structure div in div however you want / or predefined adjustable layout structures) and put everything from css in one structured css file like you already do with yellow pencil. ♥

    That's it. ^^

    Thanks alot! :)

    I would like to talk to you about specific things, you might drop me an email... `;)

    @Troy Thomas, really sounds like some kind of caching is going on!

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    Zafer replied

    Hello to everyone,

    First, thank you for your suggestions and feedback!

    Animation Bug:

    The plugin includes a helper javascript function to the website for detecting and trigger the defined animation. There was a problem about helper javascript functions. I already fixed this bug. The new update will available in 1 week.


    I wonder about the color picker problem, what is the problem with color picker? can you record a video or take a screenshot? Please let me know more about this problem.

    Thank you for your feedback! I will add the background gradients feature with another update.

    Maximus Thank you for your interest!

    1. Yes, I fixed "_" problem in the new update.
    2. I know, the editor not has an advanced search tool yet but currently, this not our priorities. We will focus to add new features as TreeView, Page Builder e.t.c.
    3. You must clean cache from Super Cache plugin settings. There not have a way to clear the cache automatically.
    4. Also, this not possible to fix the iframe issue, but there have another way to select the element. Please mouseover the iframe and press to Space key.

    We will add your all suggestions step by step with new updates and It will take some time. I working hard, I will reply to your comments in a few days.

    Best Regards

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    Troy Thomas replied

    Thanks for the reply.  I agree with you that it acts like a caching issue,  problem is, i don't even have it installed yet.

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    Maximus replied

    Hey Zafer, thanks for keeping it up and working nicely together with us clients.

    I like to help to "develop" my favorite tools with good suggestions.

    Here are some more - especially it's about better css designs.





    maybe you hire someone to create and collect all those css effects into useable format... so you can aplie those.

    Would be amazing! Thanks

    Looking forward for the next versions ;)

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    Zafer replied

    Hey There,

    You're welcome! The new update is available, you can update the plugin to the latest version from WordPress panel > Settings > Yellow Pencil Update page.

    Hi Maximus! Thank you for your sincere suggestions. I like all these styles but currently, ready-made styles are not our priority.

    Best Regards