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Undo a change made with yellow pencil


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    Marion started the conversation

    I have installed a translation plugin called 'Gtranslate'. The button was placed at a position I didn't want, so I used yellow pencil and changed the position. That position change was a little bit tricky, so I looked into the plugins help and found a way how to change the position using the plugin internal settings. Now, I have two of the buttons, one in the menu bar (this one should stay), and the other one inside my blog header (this one I want to remove). What can I do to remove the one I don't want, the one I did with yellow pencil? 

    In hope for help 


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    Zafer replied

    Hey Marion,

    First, thank you for your purchase!

    Okay, you want to undo some changes and restore the element to the original style. There is a few way to reset the changes. Please take a look to following list;

    1. Manage Styles
    2. Reset the selected element
    3. Edit CSS data manually
    4. Reset properties

    Best Regards