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Plugin Can Not Be Updated
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    Zafer replied

    You're welcome! 

  • Marko replied

    Ok thanks that worked.

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    Zafer replied

    Hey Marko,

    Yes, I'm sure. The plugin will still keep the changes in database.

    Take a backup if you wish, go to WordPress Panel > Settings > Yellow Pencil Source page and copy the codes in Export section and save to your machine as a text file.

    Best Regards

  • Marko replied

    As soon as I deactive the plugin the site reverts to its original look. Will I really get the old look back after reinstall? 

    How will the new plugin installation know what changes I had made with the old plugin installation?

    Are you really sure? I am so afraid to lose the changes I had already made. 

  • Marko replied

    Ok since you say I won't lose any data I will try reinstall. Fingers crossed.

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    Zafer replied


    Maybe your web server not support some PHP functions and so the plugin can't update automatically. 

    Follow These steps:

    1. Deactivate and delete the plugin (Don't worry, you will not lose any data)
    2. Login to CodeCanyon and go to the downloads page.
    3. Download WordPress plugin.
    4. Go to your WordPress panel > Plugins > Add New and click "upload plugin" button.
    5. Choose "waspthemes-yellow-pencil.zip" file and upload.
    6. After upload, go to WordPress panel > plugins and activate the plugin.

    Best Regards

  • Marko started the conversation

    Hi please help my Yellow Pencil Pro can no be updated.

    I get the notifaction "New update available for Yellow Pencil. Please update the plugin for new features and improvements. Update Now!" in the Dashboard, but when I actually click on it nothing happens -- instead the busy icon just keeps rotating into perpetuity.

    When I go into the plugins list on the contrary I don't even see the message that newer versions are available (it's just stuck at 5.5.3).

    I don't know what to do when I had the free version it was updating just fine. I would go to the plugin list and if a new version was showing I would update it easily (I got it to 5.5.5 before I was advised to deactivate and delete it so as not to conflict with the Pro version which is what I did).

    I would delete the Yellow Pencil Pro and then reinstall it to see if that fixed the problem, but I am afraid that I may lose all the changes I've done to my site using it so far if I did that.

    Please help.

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