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Unable to use yellow pencil in localhost


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    shamircc started the conversation

    Dear Support,

    I have purchased the pro version of yellow pencil for my website. I am able to use it online but when i replicate the website in ly local PC it doesnt work in local host. All other plugins are working perfect in localhost except for yellowpencil. I have attached the errore screenshot. Kindly let me know how to make yellow pencil work in local host as it is important for me to do the customisations in local PC & then upload it to my online server.

    Looking forward to your earliest reply

    Shamir CC

    Attached files:  error1.jpg

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    Zafer replied

    Hey Shamircc,

    First, Thank you for your purchase!

    Are you sure you have successfully installed the plugin? I think there some files missing. I recommend you to re-install the plugin.

    this still not working? Okay. I need to see the script errors, please follow these steps;

    1. Open the editor
    2. Click "OK" button of the error message.
    3. Press CTRL + SHIFT + C
    4. Click Console tab and take a screenshot.

    Best Regards

  • GeorgeHB2 replied

    I am having the same issue. I'm developing the site on my local host, but after having to reload the instal after the site became unrepairable, there is no place to enter the license code for the upgraded version. Please help, I'm running behind with this, and Yellow Pencil is needed!



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    Zafer replied

    Hey George,

    Please be sure you installed the plugin successfully if you getting a loading error.

    What do you mean with 'unrepairable"? The plugin allows you to manage all changes made by you. You can manage all customized pages from WordPress Panel > Yellow Pencil > CSS Styles.

    You can activate your license from WordPress Panel > Yellow Pencil > Product License page, There is a big button which let you activate the license with Envato login API.

    I recommend you to read the plugin documentation, it takes just 5 minutes to read it. You need to read the docs for using the plugin ideally.

    I hope that's help,

    Best Regards