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Yellow Pencil messing up menu


  • precisionbs started the conversation

    Yellow Pencil is messing up the menu on different screens. See attached screenshots. Attachment 1 is the correct position.  Attachment 2 is on a different computer. 

    Attached files:  Correct position.JPG
      Messed up position.JPG

  • precisionbs replied

    Hello! Can someone please help me? My client is ready to launch the site!!

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    Zafer replied

    Hey There,

    First, thank you for your purchase!

    You need to be careful while editing the sizes and positions. I recommend you to test the page always with Responsive Tool before saving changes.

    This tool allows you to edit the page for any screen size, please take a look this section for more information.

    I hope that's help,

    Best Regards