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text 'wrapping' in responsive


  • JonSid started the conversation

    Hi Zaffer - thanks again for your great app and approach to looking after users/customers. I have left a great review which you deserve.

    On this portfolio page tempplate I am struggling to include ['wrap'] the text into the frame of the page. How can I use YP to fix this?

    Screen width 640 and below in responsive mode.

    [I see that the text block beneath does 'wrap' the text but I am not sure why.]

    Hopefully it's something simple that I can do with your plugin.


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    Zafer replied

    Hey There,

    Thank you for your 5-star rating!

    There is an element class called ".wrapper", you must update the width of this element.

    Please follow these steps;

    1. go to this page
    2. WordPress Top Bar > Edit With Yellow Pencil > Edit Portfolio Template
    3. Open Responsive Tool and resize the page to 640px screen width
    4. Press F key, clean the input and type: .wrapper and press Enter
    5. and change the width from Editor Panel > Size as you want.

    I recommend you to use percent instead of pixel, Please try 80% - 90% value for width.

    I hope that's help,

    Best Regards

  • JonSid replied

    Hello Zafer and thank you again. But this doesn't actually help bring text into view... unless I change text size, which is not an option. I can change the wrapper size but the text still doesn't come inside the wrapper.
    Any ideas?