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Messed up responsive functionality


  • Paula Dowd started the conversation

    A couple of years ago a developer  installed yellow pencil on my woocomerce site. I'm not a developer but know enough to be dangerous. I had never used the yellow pencil plug in but ran across it today and upgraded to pro.

     I've been playing around with it, adding shadows, changing headers, changing fonts, etc... It previewed beautifully on my laptop but when I checked it on my phone it was a disaster. 

    I don't know what I did but the whole site has lost its responsive functionality. 

    Please help!

    Thanks much, Paula

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    David replied

    I just replied to your duplicate request, let's keep the conversation there.

    Best regards,
    WaspThemes team

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  • Paula Dowd replied

    Thanks for the response. How do I fix it now?