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I promised a refund, but I still can't confirm


  • MICHIKO HIRAMA started the conversation

    I searched for a plug-in visual CSS style editor that can easily set CSS around 2 o'clock on 8/18 in Japan, but even if I created it, it could not be saved in the free version, so I will be guided to the displayed screen .. I paid for the PRO version with a debit card. At that time, I thought it was $ 6.7 a year, so I was relieved and calmed down. After that, I could not save it, so the PRO version purchase screen was displayed again and I downloaded it twice, but this time I installed the ZIP file and saved it. When I checked my bank account, I was surprised and confused because 3,958 yen was withdrawn. If the price is incorrectly presented and the system specifications are confusing for users to make duplicate payments, we will ask you for a full refund.

  • MICHIKO HIRAMA replied

    イエローペンシルの購入への誘導は納得できません。再々、表示価格と引き落とし金額に納得できず、またツールプラグイン機能もつかいものにならず、サイト表示がおかしくなったので、削除しました。そのあと、何度も返金を求めています貴社は誠実な対応をしてくれません。消費者センターに対応をお願いします。即全額返金処理をおこない、いつ当方の口座に返金されるかご教示ください。miyabi117.jp @ gmail.com

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    David replied

    Can you confirm that you have sent request on Envato? Can you send us the screenshot so we can verify that you actually had sent the request?

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