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Console error with yellowpencil


  • Ygor started the conversation


    i just can't make yellow pencil work.

    This console error keeps showing everytime i try to do any change to elements.

    What this could be?

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    David replied

    In order to find the culprit, we need to play detective for a bit. Please check for conflicting plugins. Normally I would have done this for you but since you're running a live site I cannot be sure when is the best time to do it. Most often a plugin you’re installing or updating may be conflicting with the theme, another plugin or WordPress itself, so it’s best rule out this possibility by testing.

    How to test for conflicting plugins? De-activate all the 3rd party plugins you are using and see if the issue still occurs. In case it doesn’t, enable the plugins back one by one to determine which one is causing it.

    Let me know how that goes.

    Best regards,
    WaspThemes team

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