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installation of the plugin in Wordpress


  • Janulienka started the conversation

    I bought the 1 year licence for YellowPencil-Visual CSS Style Editor (Wordpress): I have followed your instructions how to activate it, but it doesn't work on my website. I don't have a slight idea what's the problem???? Please help asap!

    I have luckily solved the problem on my own. I had to delete the previous Plug-In version of the "YellowPencil Pro" a then install the new version "YellowPencil-Visual CSS Style Editor". It would have been very helpful and would have saved me a lot of time,  if you have mentioned the requirement in your instructions. Thanks, Jana

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    David replied

    Hi there,

    that's definitely strange and usually users don't have this issue. It could be your case only. Sorry about the issues!

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