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Scripts not found.


  • jessica started the conversation

    hola que tal, soy de colombia, esto no me habia ocurrido antes, cuando  voy a utilizar la edicion en yellow pencil unas de las paginas  me sale que : Scripts not found. por favor me podría ayudar, que esta pasando me podría dar una guía de paso a paso.

    Hello, how are you? I'm from Colombia, this has not happened to me before, when I go to use the yellow pencil edition, one of the pages I get: Scripts not found. Please could you help me, what is happening could you give me a step by step guide.

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    Zafer replied

    Hi Jessica,

    please update the plugin to the most recent version 7.3.3. That issue is fixed in that version. Please take a look at this article for more information.

    Best Regards

  • jessica replied

    Hi, how are you? Update, now you can open the page and I no longer get the Scripts not found window. But I select to start editing or modifying and it doesn't let me do anything, in the window on the right where all the aspects to modify appear it says: not element select, I'm sure I'm selecting the object to start but it won't let me. I must do thanks

    hola que tal, ya actualice, ya puede abrir la   pagina y ya  no me sale la ventana de  Scripts not found. pero selecciono para empezar a editar o modificar y no me deja hacer nada, en la ventana de la derecha donde salen todos los aspectos para modificar dice:  not element select , estoy segura que estoy seleccionando el objeto para comenzar pero no me deja.que debo hacer gracias  

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    David replied

    Hey there,

    please hold the SPACE on your keyboard and then click on any element. That should work.

    Best regards,
    WaspThemes team

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