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Impossible to select elements to modify


  • Marie Houssin started the conversation


    I wanted to use YP Editor, but It’s doesn’t work. In fact, I can’t select any element to change the padding, the margin or anything else… I don’t have any errors… The Yellow Pencil editor start correctly but the blue square which indicates to me that I have selected an element well does not appear and therefore I have no way of modifying anything. (as you can see on my screenshot n°1 attached).

    I tried again today, I can modify the elements at the top of the page, but on the middle of the pages or at the end it’s impossible to select the elements. And it’s seems there is a problem of adjustement of the blue square compared to elements on the top of the pages (as you can see on my screenshot n°2 attached).

    I don’t understand the problem…

    Do you know how to fix it?

    Thanks for the answer.

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    Zafer replied

    Hello Marie,

    First of all, I am sorry about it.

    A few days ago another user reported the same issue, I found this bug and I will fix it in the new update. We plan to release the new version within 1 week.

    You can mouse over the element and press the space key to select it. I know it's difficult but this may help you until the new version available.

    Thanks for your patience!

    Best regards,

  • Marie Houssin replied


    Thanks à lot for your quick answer! =)

    I Will wait the new update

    Have a nice day,