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  • Joseph started the conversation

    I have used yellow pencil on another site so I have now two licenses for this plugin. On that older site I believe there was an option to use what was called global setting so if I made a change on one page to set up a certain look and feel to that page I could then apply that to the entire site so all pages had the same look and feel as the edited page. 

    However I do not see how to do that in the new WP site I just installed. It is on the same server as my older site is if that makes any difference.

    So how do I make them all look the same overall without editing each page separately?


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    David replied

    Hey there Josep,

    here's how you can achieve that - https://yellowpencil.waspthemes.com/docs/managing-customization-types/

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    WaspThemes team

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