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preview but not apply the changes


  • tongsak started the conversation

    It look amazing on the edit but it does not take effect on the site.

    I'm using buddyboss theme and template and elementor pro. 

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    David replied

    Definitely strange! I think there’s some wonky data hung up in your browser. Can you try clearing the browser's cache memory then reopen the page?

    If it’s still a no-go after that, can you try a different browser? That’ll help me rule in/out the browser as the culprit here.

    If this doesn’t work or you have more questions, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help!

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    WaspThemes team

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  • tongsak replied

    It's work thank you. But it is sometime not work i mean it back to no skin apply. So i have to make new change using yellow pencil then it work again.

    Suddently wordpress team inactive the plugin and notify me this

    A recent security scan identified and immediately fixed an issue on your site: https://sawadd.com
    WordPress.com found that the waspthemes-yellow-pencil plugin or theme contains a vulnerability. In order to protect your site and your visitors, the security system automatically removed the entire extension. Since this may have altered the appearance of your site, we recommend you review your site for changes.
    Our Happiness Engineers are standing by if you have any questions or concerns. Simply reply to this email to get in touch with us!
    Reference 158415494
    - The WordPress.com Team

    So i inquire the error msg as following.

    Threat details:
    3264: function yp_decode($value) {
    3265: $func = 'base64' . '_decode';
    3266: return $func($value);

    Hope this help

    Nopparat Tongsak

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    David replied

    Don't worry about that. That function is used to decode and encode CSS inside the database. It's all goodsmile.png

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    WaspThemes team

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