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Firefox not displaying theme correctly?


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    I'm at a point where I'm working on 2 different child themes and planning on using the plugin "theme-switcha" to allow front-end users to toggle between them. Though, truthfully, that's probably not super related to the issue at hand, but it seemed worth mentioning. 

    The current theme I have activated has darker tones than the "default" im going to have as the main activated theme - but note that it is currently inactive. However, they are both based off the same color scheme, just tweaked with brightness and grayscale to bring it all down a notch. This displays fine on Chrome desktop & mobile, Samsung android internet, the iPhone web browser (I don't have it but my group reports it looks accurate), and Microsoft Edge (...yay.) - but Firefox is not cooperating like everybody else. The colors are the base, louder colors that were applied with Elementor before being adjusted with Yellow Pencil. But obviously Yellow Pencil isn't being completely written out of Firefox, because the Welcome header was completely changed with YP, and so were a lot of the spacings. The font is also affected but I discovered that I needed to change my settings in the browser to allow pages to display the page's supplied fonts, so that's not a huge issue as long as I put up a notice about it. 

    Anybody have any idea why Firefox isn't listening to some of my CSS but recognizing others? 


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    David replied


    Any chance you can send me the CSS code so I can check it up?

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  • ElfLoftPigeons replied

    I actually managed to get a response off reddit that solved the problem - Firefox does not automatically support the background filters - so the adjustments I was making that showed up on everything else would have to be enabled manually in like, dev-mode, by the browser user. So I've turned off the filter and added a color overlay instead. Thank you for your response however! Maybe add into your FAQ what CSS is included in Firefox - or add a link to the https://caniuse.com/ site so newbie people like me can figure out if the CSS they're using is included in other browsers? Until now I didn't know other browsers would be irritating that way XD But thanks!