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Yellow Pencil editing multiple themes at once?


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    Hey there, it's me again with what's probably another stupid question!

    I have a plugin that lets me switch themes. Cool! Problem is.. any time yellow pencil edits my current page on whatever theme I am on, the rest of the themes all inherit the same characteristics? For instance, I'm working on a Hello Elementor child theme and a OceanWP child theme, and any change I make the one or the other is reflected on both themes? How on earth do I limit the changes to just one? Is it something to do with Elementor? I also noticed that when I actived the OceanWP child theme all my text became smaller - I manually fixed that on one page. When I switched back to the FIRST child theme, the Hello Elementor theme, however, the other page still had the small text that the OceanWP had applied. What on earth has happened? Any ideas?

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    David replied


    I understand that. So I wouldn't have answer for you. WordPress doesn't recognize the child theme in a way CSS can recognize it. For CSS it doesn't matter what theme you're using. Selectors matter. So, you would have to change the child themes so they add body class to differentiate them. That should help. And then you can add body.custom-class or body.new-class and add CSS around that.

    Does that make sense?

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