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Need help permanently changing the Product and Event Template so all new ones are the same.


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    Need help permanently changing the Product and Event Templates so all new ones are the same.

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    David replied

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    Can you elaborate the issue you're facing?

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  • 503artc replied

    I'm having issues permanently changing the New Product/Item Template for my Dokan online ecommence marketplace users so all the new items created are visually the same, using the Yellow Pencil Plugin. I've gone through them and saved both as Global & Product Template, but neither permanently changed the default Item/Event listing page style when new Items and Events are created by users. I'm having similar issues with the events created, I want all Events to have the look of pic with "(Good)" in the title. The pics attached to all my previous messages to you show I created a mostly black background Item Template "(Good)" and Event Template "(Good)". That is what I need all the Items and Events created by my users to look like when my users create new Items and Events. I'm assuming a reason when new Items and Events are created the original white default keeps being displayed is that the Global & Product Template save options aren't replacing the original white default template. The only reason I paid to use your plugin was so I could make the original white default background and writing look like it does in pics with "(Good)" in title permanently for every user. Currently I have to manually change each one I want to have this "(Good)" look, which I hope you can understand why that isn't acceptable or what my expectations were when I paid for this plugin. If you can't fix this issue please let me know ASAP and provide me a refund so it can be invested in a option that can meet my needs.

    Thank You