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Yellow Pencil License


  • Jane Scarano started the conversation

    I purchased a YellowPencil license March 15, 2021 and installed it on my staging site (araize.co). When my website went live (araize.com), I deleted the staging site. Unfortunately, the plugin I purchased is tied to araize.co and not my actual site araize.com. There seems to be no way I can transfer my license:

    Active Usage - araize.co
    In Use

    My support is about to run out and I need help immediately!

    Thank you.


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    David replied


    I have unlinked your previous domain and you can use the license on new one.

    Best regards,
    WaspThemes team

    And don't forget to rate our plugin, it means a lot to us!

  • Jane Scarano replied

    Thank you! I'm glad I found your website to see your support response. Thanks again for fixing the problem. I want to remove the rating I gave you, but there is no update or delete option. Sorry!

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    Zafer replied


    You're welcome!smile.png actually, it is possible, you can vote by clicking the star icon again.

    Thank you for your help!

    Best regards