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Finding objects when logged in


  • Marit Kolle started the conversation

    Hello :) 

    I am trying to style a button in the header of my site (where it says "Bli medlem"). But this only shows for logged out users. But when I use Yellow pencil I am logged in, so then the button doesn't show.

    So my question is how I can identify the button?

    I am also trying to style the menu that pops up when I click the shopping cart icon in the header. But I am also finding it hard to locate this when Yellow pencil is active, because the I am not able to click the shopping cart.

    I would be very greatful for your assistance on this :)

    Kind regards,


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    David replied

    Hey there,

    You can do it by going to WP Dashboard > Appearance > Yellow Pencil Editor and when the page loads and you see the popup you will see "Visitor Mode" under the page selector. That will make the editor see the page as non logged user.

    Best regards,
    WaspThemes team

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