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Pausing On-Screen Animations until page load


  • Henri Piper started the conversation

    My issue is that I am setting up on-screen animations ~ images and sections fade up when they come into view ~ problem is ~ the animations begin before the preloader fades (at page load complete) ~ I have this same problem with Oxygen Builder animations ~  The header animations ~ fade-up ~ are never seen ~ unless I put a long delay on the animations ~ I am aware there are supposed to be some Javascript tricks that pause animations until the page loads ~ but I haven't found one Javascript/css that actually works.  This must be a common problem ~ with top of the page animations never actually being seen ~ so I would so very much appreciate Your assistance here... Yea... I guess it could be the preloader fade out ~ but I've tried a number of preloaders and it's always the same. 

    Oh ~ looks like the accidental adding of Transforms is fixed with this latest update!  Thanks so very much for that!

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    David replied

    Hey there,

    Here’s a guide on how to achieve that - https://dev.to/selbekk/how-to-fade-in-content-as-it-scrolls-into-view-10j4

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